Handling of mechnical watches

We want your customers to enjoy your watches for a long time. Each mechanical watch is a miniature master piece in itself and requires special attention. Adhering to certain instructions will extend the life of your watch.

Setting the time and date

Do not manually set the time or the date display on your watch to between 9pm and 3am. In this time period a mechanism changes the date on your watch. This mechanism can suffer a defect on concurrent manual switching. As a basic rule, adjust the watch forwards. When you have finished the adjustments press the winding button again firmly against the casing and screw tightly shut (dependant on model) to guarantee the water resistance of your watch.

Winding a mechanical watch

If a mechanical watch with an automatic winding mechanism stops for a period of time the power reserve is used up and the movement will not work. To restart the movement turn the winding button for 20-30 full turns.
A mechanical watch with hand winding must be wound by hand daily. When you feel slight resistance on turning the winding button, your watch is fully wound. If you continue to wind the watch past this resistance you may damage the watch.

Water resistance

Water resistance is not permanent. Get the water resistance checked every two years by a watch maker. A trained watchmaker can check if the seals have become porous due to age and repair or replace as necessary.
Please take note of the instructions in the item description or on the housing regarding water resistance.
Please see the below table for information regarding your watch in different environments.



Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures (above 50° C or below 0° C) as this can damage the mechanism.
You should also protect your watch against severe temperature fluctuations. Large variations in temperature can cause condensation underneath the glass of your watch. This will cause the inner side of the glass to go foggy. If the fogginess does not resolve itself within a short period of time get your watch checked by qualified watchmaker.

Caring for the movement

Mechanical movements require maintenance and should be inspected every five years by a specialist. The oil in the movement is used up over time and must be replaced so that the jewel bearings do not wear out and the fine gear wheels are not damaged. The movement must also be cleaned and the accuracy checked and reset if necessary.


Avoid shocks which can affect the watch. It is recommended not to wear the watch during activities such as golf in order to avoid damaging the movement.

Magnetic fields

Avoid putting your watch in direct proximity to devices which have strong magnetic fields (e.g. speakers, refrigerators, mobiles, CRT TVs). Be aware that airport security has detectors which produce a magnetic field.