Swiss Made Assembling

The Watches at Palladium are assembled by educated watchmakers and are finished mostly by hand in Palladiums own studio-workshop.
The quality in our firm is at a very high level. All our watches withstand several quality checks and do not leave the shop before they have passed all of them. We check the functions, the speed, if it is - waterproof and especially the way the watch looks in the end, this is why we are able to give 2 years of warranty.
We`ve become very strong within the making of mechanical watches as also the making of quartz watches, from a customer`s specifications all the way through to a mass production. We also service your watches and set them back in to perfect condition.
We guarantee the best quality for a fair price and take responsibility of the whole process of making your watches.

The price for assembling depends always on the case construction. Please contact us for an exact price offer.