Palladium is convinced that good teamwork pays off – not fast profits but the satisfaction of everyone involved is central to our business philosophy.

  1. Palladium works according to high-quality criteria and on this basis customizes watches according to the customer’s wishes.

  2. Palladium uses – whenever possible and reasonable– Swiss components and offers highest Swiss-made quality.

  3. Palladium is convinced that employees are the most precious resource for a business. We therefore create opportunities for everyone in our team for further education and personal development and to take personal responsibility.

  4. Palladium creates long-term, reliable and cooperative customer relationships.

  5. Palladium commits to integrity, honesty and respect.

  6. For Palladium absolute fairness in dealing with clients, employees and suppliers is of utmost importance.

  7. Palladium’s communication relies on the principles of transparency, honesty and conflict handling skills.

  8. In its work, Palladium wants to combine ecological and economic thoughts– for a sustainable and careful handling of our planet’s resources.